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2021 is finally here. Thankfully, there is light on the horizon. This light hasn’t fully illuminated our collective path yet, it’s shining in the distance, waiting for us to come toward it.

At the top of this year, this molasses-like state of transition from pandemic to post-pandemic has the same vibe as 2020, regardless of vaccination rollout, regardless of a new incoming administration, as many of us continue to limit our perimeter of movement, social distance and follow restrictions.

Some of us, of course, don’t.

This past year sucked. There are no two ways around it, it was awful for…

We are all connected.

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For all of us living on earth, this moment in time is one of the strangest, scariest of our lifetimes.

And yet, in every crisis there’s opportunity.

COVID19 has taken us all down from behind and placed us squarely in the moment of coming together around our shared humanity — some of this means facing collective panic and fear, a roulette game, and, at the heart of it, what belies it: facing our mortality.

This is a defining moment of 2020, and equally, a turning point in a new decade.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 1 in 8 women are being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in America today, and sadly, the numbers of women receiving this diagnosis is not falling in any significant way.

Breast Cancer has likely touched all of us in some way — through our families, extended families, friends, or perhaps friends of friends.

It touched me in 2018.

There’s so much I’ve learned this past year. …

Adventures of 2020

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Sometimes at night, when I find myself not able to stay asleep, I lay awake pondering the year we’re in.

This messy year, the start to a new decade forever marked by a global pandemic, a year with seemingly no end, but whose end is nearer than where we started.

A Guide For Women At All Stages Of Their Careers

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I have long held a passion for helping women advance at work. My early career days were at a company dedicated to this cause. This company sold work/life benefits to Fortune 500 companies and their employees.

The notion back then was — how can we help our employees be more productive at work (in a cubicle, no less) while supporting family needs? Things like: childcare, eldercare, school commitments, school choices.

Then, along came the era, the next technology revolution, and ability to use enterprise collaboration tools in better, more…

Yes, There Is Another Way Forward.

We have all been witnessing (or not) the unfoldment of the impeachment inquiry over the past several weeks. Some are watching with more intent than others, many feel it’s the right path; many care not to watch, feeling it’s the wrong path.

No one questions that the time we live in is ugly. Every day ugly.

Being a divided nation that runs more hate and anger energy than ever before is not fun to be a party to, not fun to witness, certainly hard to parent in.

But here we are.

At a national level, there’s a lot of endless…

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What Can We Learn From Those Twists & Turns?

Oh those unexpected changes. Life is filled with them — through the years they’ve shown up in my relationships, in jobs and with my health and well-being that as I was trying to focus on just one story for this piece, they all competed for my attention!

Of course, in that, I am not alone.

When I look back at the twists and turns my life has taken, especially now that I’m in the second half of life, each twist of fate led me somewhere else.

Each pivot or inflection point brought a whole host of feelings, sadness, elation, joy…

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This past summer I decided to undertake a project that I have long ignored — cleaning out the basement.

If you’re old enough and collected enough life experiences, surely you will have equally collected a lot of detritus along the way. I certainly did.

Somehow in earlier parts of my life I decided I would be an archivist, filing away every letter, every job application, every graduate school application, every paper, every receipt, every thing about my life.

Over the years, these items landed in plastic bins, some inside files carefully labeled, some just thrown in bins to be saved…

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I’ve spent the past decade as an evangelist for flexible and remote work believing that flexibility is not a perk it’s a strategic business imperative.

I’ve worked with companies to help evolve corporate cultures to embrace flexibility and mobility, and along the way, connected with many others who share my passion and desire to more fully humanize the workplace.

What does it mean to more fully humanize the workplace?

At the heart of this is that we all want the same things: freedom and autonomy to choose how, when and where we are most productive on any given day, week…

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Anniversaries. We know them well, they’re typically associated with many different types of celebrations, weddings and more. They are the date on which an event took place in a previous year.

Yet some anniversaries aren’t so celebratory. Or so we think.

One year ago my life was altered forever. Quite suddenly, a mammogram finding led to a diagnosis in a matter of weeks. I can’t possibly describe what the moment felt like to hear this but I did start writing in a journal I haven’t published yet, until today.

Today felt like the right time to start sharing it. …

Emily Klein

We are here to evolve ourselves, help each other & the planet. #Vote

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