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At Some Point In Life You Will Be A Patient: This Will Require Patience

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Integrated Patient Experience Means Breaking Down Silos

But what challenges healthcare systems is that patient experiences are still networks of silos and narrow paths. These paths lead somewhere, but not to a holistic platform that enables discussion with multiple providers about individualized healthcare for a patient that links tele-health with digital notes across specialty areas, medical records with care plans and apps, community support with wellness coaching and more.

You may be thrown into interacting with doctors, departments and procedures if you need treatment — but rarely do medical teams get together outside of speciality areas to collaborate & discuss you: patient as a whole being, what a patient universe may look like and how to marry conventional medicine & complementary treatments toward shared decision-making for better outcomes.

If one day we all will be a patient, how do we create a patient universe that works well for us all — one that takes a giant leap forward from healthcare to well care?

We are here to evolve ourselves, help each other & the planet. #Vote

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