Maybe it’s the end of things that need to end. Maybe we’re living through a transformative era, an entire recalibration of how we live, to come together around shared humanity. Maybe we’ve been on the wrong path for so long, avoiding what’s not working, what’s painful to acknowledge, that only something like this kind of global crisis was going to awaken us to be innovative, to fundamentally restructure society around ideas that can work for all. This is about knowing in every crisis there is opportunity for those of us willing to fight for a better future. umair haque — you have outlined important points, yet the time we’re living in also calls on us to use our gifts to rise above that which divides us. We all need to be problem solvers. We need to be leaders we wish to see and leaders we wish to be. It is incumbent on each one of us to step forward, to move through the dark contours of the present moment and share ideas, innovative ways to create a better future. This transformation will be a long journey, and long journeys often take us through a dark night of the soul, but we will emerge in a better place. It may take years, it may take decades, but we will collectively get there, eventually.

We are here to evolve ourselves, help each other & the planet. #Vote

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