Megan Seling often the hidden upside of getting rid of things can move blocked energy that has remained either stagnant or hidden for years. Being open to healing that can come with moving on from things once deemed useful (or attached to a memory, good or bad) can open up doors to bring new things in. It doesn’t happen instantaneously, but with a willingness to move on from other chapters in life, and a connection to mind, body and spirit — I’ve seen this happen in many ways with a lot of people. You get to paint a whole new canvas afterwards. Happiness & joy are not static states, they are transient feelings — ones that can come more frequently when unloading baggage and things (literally and figuratively) from the past. And in the end, all we ever have is the present moment we’re in.

We are here to evolve ourselves, help each other & the planet. #Vote

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