This is the dialogue we need to have as a country in the year before a 2020 election: the accumulation of increasing societal pressures, ones that crush families in America. For working mothers that often intersects with an inhospitable workplace, one that rewards 50+ hour workweeks, the ability to travel for business weekly along with the requisite evening events. Women’s advancement into senior leadership roles is stalling — why? Because of this. And because of many other reasons.

Some Millennials say they don’t want this: the hard choices of motherhood, the sacrifices, the stall that can happen with every woman’s career airplane, one that risks crashing to the ground if the stress and overwhelm is too much. Having a family and a meaningful career should not have to be mutually exclusive. And some ways women are solving for this is by becoming entrepreneurs.

‘You can’t change things by fighting the existing reality, you change things by creating a new model that renders the existing model obsolete’ — quote, B.Fuller

We are here to evolve ourselves, help each other & the planet. #Vote

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