What we're playing out is a never ending war of you're right and I'm wrong (or vice versa). Should the constitution be interpreted strictly through an originalist lens or does it need to be expanded and updated to move with the times? We forget that America was always an experiment, and will forever remain an experiment. A way for people coming together from diverse backgrounds and religions to live side by side, under the banner of freedom, not theocracy, not communism. "Out of many, one"

This of course is not our current reality, for many reasons. We are not living together peacefully as one America, partly because everyone is in their own echo chamber, fighting for their version of what they think is right without telling each others' stories, without acknowledging that moving through change takes time, without recognizing that balanced legislation often means compromise.

When we evolve as humans inhabiting this country, it will look like this: coming together around shared humanity, making better decisions on behalf of our climate and collective wellbeing, realizing we are souls in bodies for a purpose at this moment and time, each with a role to play. That what I do and say impacts you and what you do and say impacts me.

Growing in consciousness means emerging from fighting real and imagined battles, disengaging with hate and low level energy, understanding that social change will not happen overnight, but equally so, recognizing the purpose of 2020, this decade and beyond is about change and transformation.

It's all about change and transformation.

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